5 tips on how to make a good content for SEO purposes

Choose a catchy title / headline

Obviously, interesting headlines can catch the attention of potential readers. This is the 1st thing that readers notice so, it should striking and one of a kind. As an SEO content writer, you must include the keywords on the meta-title section of your Content Management System or CMS.


Select your audience

Make sure that your readers can relate to your topics and will feel comfortable with the tone that you want to use. By having a clear idea of your audience, you can promote your blogs on social media groups to boost the traffic on your website.


Make it exciting and original

Avoid making long paragraphs and huge blocks of texts. As much as possible, use bullet form or divide it to 3-5 lines per paragraph. Maintain positive and jolly energy when writing. Your articles must be friendly, if you need to make a review, avoid negative criticism although comparison is acceptable when described properly. You can talk about trending topics but make sure you are creating unique posts.


Use keywords wisely

It is not just about the keyword density, it is the quality of the content. Redundant or overly used keywords make the articles boring and non-sense. Try to research about the most relevant keyword to your article and limit the use of those words.


Use images

Studies say that people tend to be more interested when they see pictures compared to pure texts. Keep in mind that the photos should be related to the topic. This technique is to attract more readers but for SEO purposes, you can also add keywords in the form of image description and Alt text to make your post more searchable on search engine.