How do SEO Content Writers create an effective article?

They start searching for keywords

Of course, as a content writer, it is expected of you to know everything about optimization. Before you write, you look for highly searched topics on search engine unless you are already given a list of keywords and a specific topic that needs to be the center of discussion. If that is the case, you can look for more related words to make it more searchable; and it is called β€œlong-tail keywords

Know the rules in using keywords

The more you mention about your keyword in an article, it becomes less effective. Take note of the keyword density percentage to make sure that your article or blog post is successfully optimized. Some people think if you have a higher density, the more it becomes searchable. That is absolutely false because it only becomes redundant and unacceptable by the search engine.

Strategize the content

Well, nobody likes to read a boring or non-sense post, right? So, you have to think about a meaningful content. The keywords and your discussion must be relevant to each other. If you are not sure about the topic, do some research to explore and learn more about your focus and share something informative. Avoid spinning used articles, as much as possible be original.

Set your target market

You have to know about the age, gender and interests of your readers because it is necessary for the approach that you will use in your content. To attract a certain audience, consider what kind of voice and tone is appropriate. Remember, your goal is to keep your readers subscribe to your website, and to do it, your content should be friendly to the specific audience that you want to have.